Blue FreeArm

Blue FreeArm


Try the FreeArm for 30 days and if it doesn't change your life, return it for a full refund minus shipping charges.

Prior to returning your FreeArm, please contact us at for return instructions. Insurance is recommended on returns as we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns.

The FreeArm locking clamp can attach to surfaces up to 2.75in thick. The FreeArm clip holds a 12 mL/cc syringe loosely and a 35 mL/cc and 60mL/cc tightly. The stiff, bendable gooseneck is 22in long.

The FreeArm clip easily holds a gravity bolus syringe, freeing your hands to hold your child, add meds, read a bedtime story, you name it! The bendable gooseneck can bend to a feeding height that is best tolerated.

The FreeArm is a travel holder for a feeding pump and feedbag. The FreeArm bends up to easily fit in your bag.

Light weight feeding pumps, such as an Infinity pump, that have a clamp on the back and are under 1.5 lbs can attach to the gooseneck of the FreeArm. Larger pumps such as a Kangaroo pump may need to sit on the table or bed next to the FreeArm. The feedbag with up to a 500ml feed hangs from the clip or clip hook with the FreeArm fully extended or bent to accommodate the length of the feeding line.

FreeArm Instructions

Your FreeArm will ship the following business day after purchase; however, please allow 1-3 weeks for your FreeArm to arrive depending on where you live in the world.
Flat rate shipping of $6.35 to anywhere in the continental US and Puerto Rico.
Multiple items: $6.35 for the first FreeArm and $4.00 each additional FreeArm, within the same order, going to the same location in the continental US.

International shipping is calculated on an individual basis. Please refer to the FAQ link at the very bottom of this page.

Feeding tube, bolus syringe, pump, feedbag and pump clamp are not included

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